Abundant Waste as a Source of Economic Power for Scavengers

  • Sarja Institut Agama Islam Bhakti Negara Tegal
Keywords: Trash, Economy, Scavengers


This research is about economic soutce of scavengers from abundant waste, as scavenger workers are often seen by the community as jobs that do not have opportunities in the future. But in reality it can provide jobs and have an impact on the economy. This study aims to determine the job description of waste collectors as a source of economic strength both as scavengers and stall owners or dealers in turning transformed waste into wages for the scavengers. The research method was carried out using qualitative resarch, with the strages of understanding the location, the activities of the scavengers, the preliminary area, the activity on the ground and supported by data, both primary and secondary data. The results showed that the business carried out by the scavengers is very helpful for environmental contamination of various natural demages, as a source of income in the economy both for scavengers and stall owners or dealers, so that new jobs are formed, and help the local government in tackling rubbish.