Teacher Pedagogic Competencies and Learning Quality in Islamic Religious Education

  • Abdul Kosim Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri Model Pemalang
Keywords: teacher pedagogical competence, quality of learning, Islamic religious education


The success of teaching and learning depends on the learning process carried out by educators who are able to transfer knowledge, and make the learning process of students happy by the form of learning presented by educators or teachers. In the learning process, teachers are required to have pedagogical competencies, with this competency they can develop varied and fun learning, so students are not bored when participating in learning. This study aims to explain the pedagogical competence of teachers and the quality of Islamic religious education (PAI) learning at MTs Negeri Pemalang, as well as the influence of these competencies on the quality of PAI learning. This research uses a quantitative approach, data collection is done using a questionnaire method, which is addressed to all PAI teachers in MTs Negeri Pemalang, a total of 14 teachers. Analysis of the data used is linear regression test analysis that reveals the pattern of relationships or the influence of teacher pedagogical competence on the quality of PAI learning in MTs Negeri Pemalang. The results showed that based on the results of the regression tests that had been carried out, the pedagogical competence of PAI teachers had a great influence on the quality of PAI learning in MTs Negeri Pemalang.