Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique (SEFT) as Therapy in Counseling

  • Andar Ifazatul Nurlatifah Institut Agama Islam Negeri Salatiga
Keywords: Spiritual Emotional Freedom Technique, guidance and counseling


SEFT is one of the innovative counseling techniques. The stages of the technique utilize the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of humans in harmony. These three aspects are used to help overcome the counselee's problem. The spiritual aspect in SEFT is in line with Islamic Guidance and Counseling which includes spiritual and religious elements in each of its scientific views. The existence of SEFT as an innovative counseling technique has strong opportunities and challenges. Opportunities are wide open as the emergence of various studies and scientific evidence that reviews the success of SEFT to overcome various emotional problems, behavioral problems, and health problems. Its efficiency and ease of practice make this technique widely known to practitioners, especially practitioners in Indonesia. However, SEFT has a strong challenge considering its relatively young age and not widely known. The existence of SEFT has also been weakened by the lack of acceptance in Energy Psychology as the mainstream. Those who do not recognize the existence of Energy Psychology will certainly view SEFT as a pseudoscience phenomenon. Responding to these conflicts, counselors can still use SEFT as long as SEFT is placed as a support technique in BK services and used proportionally.