The Urgency of Jarh Wa Ta'dil's Science in Determining the Quality of Hadith

  • Srifariyati Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Tarbiyah Pemalang
Keywords: importance, jarh wa ta'dil, quality of a hadith


The purpose of this paper is to explain the importance ofjarh wa ta'dil. The source of this article is taken from ulumul hadith books. Jarh wa ta'dil is a science which discusses in it good and bad judgments of rawi of hadith. There are several things to consider in the jarh wa ta'dil. That is, the critics: people who are in the jarh or ta'dil, the word jarh or ta'dil, the decision if there is a conflict of critics opinion against a rawi, and jarh wa ta'dil unexplained or explained. A critic must have the condition: knowledge, conscience, truth, honesty, stay away from the fanatic nature, and understand the cause of a person's mischief of being a fair man. The word ta'dil and jarh are varied and each word has the power. The difference of critics affects the difference of word, and this should be noted.