Building Champion Character through The Sevent Habit MAYOGA

  • Failasufah Madrasah Aliyah Negeri Yogyakarta 3
Keywords: character education, counseling, MAYOGA


Character Education Champion at MAN Yogyakarta III through 7 Mayoga characters, carried out integrated in the curriculum and carried out by all teachers and employees, and in collaboration with parents. The implementation of champion character formation in MAN Yogyakarta III is not easy to do, however the data obtained in the field shows that Mayoga has worked with various strategies and from year to year it has been evaluated and improved so that the concept for the implementation of champion character education through 7 Mayoga characters is integrated with activities intrakurikuler namely by learning in the classroom, and extracurricular activities (Scouting, PMR, Sports, Olympics and Arts) and by getting used in everyday life (Modeling of teachers and employees, spontaneous behavior, reprimand / reward punishment, BK, AMT services and others) so on) as a champion character can be internalized in mayoga students. Thus students may may win both academically and non-academically in accordance with their potential.